Thinking about buying a home?

Making a Smarter Decision

It may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make and the place you chose to keep your family safe and happy but before buying a Florida home, you should be considering more factors than just a mortgage.

Because the state is prone to elevated levels of humidity, both mold and mildew can grow anywhere the right conditions exist, whether hidden or in plain sight. Mold growth can appear as slimy black spots, white patches, green fuzz, orange film, etc. It is a living organism with a variety of species and visual appearances.

The health of those exposed to growth varies by both the individual and the species of the mold itself. For people whose health is already at risk (folks with asthma, allergies, lung disease, and suppressed immune systems leaving them vulnerable to illness) mold exposure can potentially be life-threatening. This serious subject is particularly relevant for Floridians shopping for new homes.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Your home shopping expedition can be fun, but it’s always good to bring a measure of skepticism to each open house and property tour you take. Mold proliferates everywhere since it spreads by releasing tiny microscopic spores that travel through the air and attach easily to walls, floors, appliances, carpets, and furnishings.

Once mold has gained a foothold on surfaces, continued dampness can spread it like wildfire. Some of the most vulnerable places in Florida homes are walls that have been compromised by water originating from hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms that perpetually deluge the state.

Unless damp areas are immediately and thoroughly dried, the threat of mold growth in that area is high. What areas are particularly vulnerable to mold growth? Leaky pipes, windows, roofs, and ventilation systems are all good places for a mold inspection checklist.

Skepticism is a Good Trait for Homebuyers

While the home you’re interested in buying may look perfectly lovely thanks to drywall replacement, fresh paint, new carpet, and the addition or replacement of new appliances, these superficial improvements won’t necessarily hide the truth. In fact, it is fairly easy and common for cheap sellers to temporarily cover up obvious signs of mold growth when trying to sell a home.

And since you’ve got a long list of features and designs that comprise the ideal residence you seek, leaving the job of mold detection to a professional is one of the best gifts you can give to your wallet, your family’s health, and the future. In many cases, if you have already determined you want to buy, you may be able to convince a seller to cover the cost of a mold inspection prior to inking the deal. Chances are the cost of the inspection will be far outweighed by the prospect of closing the deal.

How Do We Actually Find and Determine Mold Growth?

Why trust our assessors to inspect for mold before buying a Florida home? We’ve been trained to spot the suspicious signs you may not notice. These can include signs that a floor has hosted standing water and stains on walls that are not as well hidden as a homeowner might think. We also conduct air quality tests throughout the home during the mold inspection process to collect samples of the air. Lab testing determines spore counts and which mold species are present as well as shows us where high concentrations of spores exist within the home.

Your inspector will also use equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to help detect possible areas of mold growth that can not be seen normally.

6 Things You Should Expect from Our Mold Inspection in Florida

  1. You receive a thorough mold assessment by an experienced, certified, and licensed assessor.
  2. We will take a cotton swab or tape sample of any visible growth.
  3. We will collect air samples from various areas throughout the home as well as a controlled air sample from directly outside.
  4. We educate clients about the likeliest spots in the house where future mold infestations could arise, particularly after downpours and weather conditions that promote humidity.
  5. The money you save down the road from hiring a mold detection service now can’t be measured in dollars if it’s discovered before you commit to the house you want to buy.
  6. If your contractor finds mold and you still want to buy the house, the time to negotiate for the property is before you secure a mortgage. Adding a mold-related contingency to your negotiation can save you time, stress, and money.

Everybody is a Winner

Who benefits most from getting a mold inspection in Florida? Everyone! Buyers and sellers enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’re negotiating the sale of a healthy house, thus eliminating one of the roadblocks that can keep a structure in an endless limbo. Everyone can relax knowing that legal compliances are in place, another issue that can hold up a real estate transaction. You can’t put a price on the sense of relief you experience knowing that a trained professional has scoured every potential hot spot and declared the house you want to buy ready for move-in.

Because sellers have a legal duty to disclose mold, you have legal recourse, but who wants to spend endless time and money on litigation while risking the health of your family and watching the value of the home you failed to have inspected plummet? Will you be one of the lucky homeowners who dodges a bullet by ordering the mold inspection that keeps your family safe and healthy? We want to be the resource that you and your family count on. Before buying a Florida home, contact Mold Investigators today to get started!

Published On: January 27, 2020Categories: Inspection, Testing, Tips for Property Owners