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Testing Archives - Mold Investigators

outdoor air sample

Why You Need an Outdoor Air Quality Sample

Testing After Water Damage When people experience flooding or other types of water damage, they often believe that all they need to do to mitigate the damage is simply remove the water. In truth, standing water can quickly develop a host of microorganisms that can rapidly multiply and continue to cause issues once the water...
what your mold lab results mean

Mold Test Results and Their Meaning

What is the Purpose of Lab Testing for Mold? When it comes to indoor mold testing, the lab results from testing are designed to either prove or disprove a hypothesis about mold conditions at a facility or residence. The hypothesis to be tested will be developed by specifying certain lab test objectives for conducting mold...
air quality versus surface testing

Orlando Air Quality Samples vs. Surface Samples

Measuring Mold Contamination The natural reaction to suspicions of mold pollution and poor Orlando air quality in our homes and offices is to determine what the level of contamination actually is. We can do this by physically measuring levels of mold contamination. This is usually accomplished through indoor air quality testing or surface sample testing....