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We know how confusing mold situations can be. There are so many species and characteristics. Many of our clients have also never been through the process of mold removal before. Here are some quick answers to the more frequent questions we get asked.

No. Mold is in the air around us, everywhere we go. Although it can not be completely eliminated from your property, proper remediation and post-clearance testing can ensure that the invisible presence of mold in your property’s air is at a safe level. This is why we taking air quality samples from outside of the home as well to compare with your indoor air before and after remediation.

Mold is not always visible and in your line of sight. Hidden mold is extremely common as mold can grow behind walls, underneath carpet and floorboards, in ceilings, behind cabinets, etc. If you smell a foul musty odor, ask yourself if anything has changed in the property that could lead to such a smell. Although a foul odor doesn’t always equate to mold growth, if nothing you know has changed, it may be in your best interest to contact a mold testing company for possible hidden mold.

Mold is a living organism. Under warm, moist, and humid conditions mold can thrive, grow, and spread. When mold grows, it off-gases and produces the musty odor it is known for. However, conditions can change so when the humidity falls below 50% and the temperature falls below 70 degrees, mold can become dormant. During this time it will stop growing and producing a smell. If you see what you believe to be mold but do not smell anything, you should still contact a mold professional to be sure.

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