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Indoor Air Quality

Mold Investigators truly has the safety and best interests of our clients in mind each time we set out to conduct a new mold inspection. We know that although mold can be spotted in cases where it grows in visible and accessible areas, many times the living organism can stay hidden and provide a wide array of safety concerns for families in their home. It’s for this reason that our company also tests the indoor air quality of your property before and after remediation to make sure everyone is safe and the process was successful. Mold Investigators’ inspectors train hard and get certified to obtain as much knowledge as possible to be prepared for any scenario they may walk into. 

Our Mission

Clients that seek out mold inspection services are typically very concerned and simply want to get to the bottom of what is going on in their home or business. We understand this wholeheartedly and make it our mission to find the answers to that question and ease our clients’ minds. When taking this approach with our mold inspection services, we focus on accomplishing the following three key areas of our investigation.

  • The first thing we must do is visit the property. We bring along tools such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to help us detect hidden areas of moisture that present possible habitats for mold growth. Our goal during this visit is to locate all possible areas of mold growth. Our indoor air quality company collects multiple samples, including surface samples and air quality samples, to then be tested in a lab.
  • Our next priority is to determine as much information as possible about the samples collected and their effect on your property. We focus on determining the type, or types, of mold present and how far they have spread throughout the property.
  • Finally, we gather all of the information we have discovered and compile a report that details your mold situation. We can also provide a written protocol detailing the steps that should be taken to remediate the mold for your specific needs. This protocol can be given to the remediation company of your choice in order to achieve the best results. After remediation, we can also test your indoor air quality again to ensure the issue has been resolved. 

Suspect mold in your property?

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