The Cost of Mold Inspections

A mold inspection cost can vary from company to company. At Mold Investigators, we keep our pricing competitive without sacrificing quality. All mold inspections include lab testing. They also include a detailed report of our findings.

We offer written remediation protocols for an additional charge. This protocol can help you approved by a trusted remediation company. It serves as a guideline to ensure they follow the correct steps to remove your mold issue. While this is our most expensive package, it is also our best value. A protocol can potentially save you from repeating the process over again due to improper remediation. Another service we offer is post-remediation testing. This is used to verify that your mold issue has been remediated properly.

We also offer Volatile Organic Compounds Sampling. A VOC inspection is used when smell and health issues are present without any visible mold present on the property. Contact us for additional questions on pricing.