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Air Quality Testing | Central FL Services | Mold Investigators

Air Quality Testing

Why Is It Necessary?

Our goal every time we conduct a mold inspection is to obtain as much information about your mold situation as possible. Collecting samples for air quality testing is a key factor in achieving that goal. While a surface sample can tell us the type of mold we are dealing with and how to treat it, an air quality test gives us more insight into how far the mold has spread in your property and how severe the spore count is.

air quality testing - samples being observed in a lab

What to Expect

Your inspector will have the tools needed to collect samples for the air quality test.


  • Your inspector will collect samples from multiple areas of your¬†property to determine¬†if the mold has spread to other areas.
  • Samples will also be taken outside your property for comparison testing.

What Comes Next?

After your mold inspection, all collected surface and air quality samples are brought to a lab where they are tested for information. Air quality testing in the lab determines the type of mold, spore count in the property’s areas, and spore count outside of the property. This information is then used to compile a detailed mold report for you, as well as a written protocol to serve as a guide for proper remediation and mold removal.

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