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Mold Inspection Report | Written Protocols | Mold Investigators

Mold Inspection Report & Protocol

Detailed Mold Inspection Reports

At Mold Investigators, we believe that providing insights to our clients is just as important as the remediation steps they may take after our services end. We do not exclude any information from our mold inspection report and also highlight the key insights that we feel will be valuable to you as the property owner. Our reports are a reflection of our thorough work and are one of the biggest factors that separate our services from other mold investigation companies.

mold inspection report - man reading results on his laptop at home

Report Highlights

Your detailed report will also highlight crucial information to aid you moving forward including:

  • Type(s) of mold present in the property
  • Spore counts in each property area
  • Areas with visible mold
  • Areas with hidden mold
  • Source of moisture
  • Treatment recommendations

Written Remediation Protocol

In addition to your mold inspection report, we also offer services for providing a detailed written protocol with guidelines for remediation of your mold situation. If the test results of the samples taken during your inspection show that you do indeed have a mold issue in your property, your next course of action should be to find a reputable remediation company that can assist you with removing the mold and cleaning your indoor air. Any reputable remediation company will require that you provide a written remediation protocol with guidelines for them to follow in order to get the job done properly. Choosing to skip this part of the mold remediation process and hiring a company without this requirement is your choice but can lead to improper remediation and the mold returning.

Suspect mold in your property?

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