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Is Mold Remediation Common in Orlando?

Mold remediation in Orlando is a common necessity because of Florida’s unique weather conditions. There are three types of mold commonly found in the Sunshine State. They are allogenic, pathogenic and toxic. Any of them can wreak havoc if present in a home or business and potentially leave visitors to the property with serious health concerns. To ensure mold infestations are handled properly, a reputable mold testing company can provide a written protocol for remediation companies to follow.

What Is A Written Mold Remediation Protocol?

The protocol is a written guide that is usually a requirement for reputable remediation companies to have on hand before performing any work. It is designed to ensure the thorough and effective treatment or removal of areas in a structure that have been infected by mold. Our lab test results are combined with the findings of our mold inspection and our knowledge of the property’s structure and layout to building a plan catered for treating and removing your specific mold issue. Following the steps outlined in the protocol helps mold remediation contractors ensure the remediation process has a safe and timely completion. The protocol identifies when carpets and drywall infested by mold can be cleaned and when it must be removed.

Long-Term Benefits

The protocol also helps to provide a variety of long-term benefits for residents, visitors, property owners, and Orlando mold remediation companies. It ensures the mold infestation doesn’t come roaring back soon after because workers neglected to address a section of mold-infested carpet or drywall. The protocol also ensures that property owners don’t have to pay unnecessary additional remediation bills.

What Happens After Remediation?

After the company you chose for mold remediation in Orlando is finished you may contact us to schedule a post-clearance test. We will inspect the property once more and collect additional samples. These samples will be compared to your initial mold inspection samples and those taken from outside of the property. The purpose of this inspection is to make sure that the remediation company followed the written protocol. The test also determines if the spore count in the property is at a safe level for occupants.

Following the steps outlined in the protocol helps mold remediation contractors ensure the remediation process has a safe and timely completion.

Opting Out of A Written Protocol in Orlando

We offer more basic packages that do not include a written protocol, however, we strongly recommend the protocol, and here is why. In Orlando, there are many companies to choose from for your mold remediation needs. The more reputable and trusted brands require a written mold protocol to even accept the job and begin work. These are the companies that understand just how important this part of the process is.

There are smaller less-known companies that will take the job on anyway but this runs the risk of improper remediation. Without the written protocol’s guidelines, the remediation company will have to treat and remove the mold to the best of its knowledge. If an area is missed or not treated properly, there is a high probability that you will fail a post-clearance test and will need to remediate the mold issue again.

Starting On the Right Path

If you need mold remediation in Orlando, get started on the right path to potentially save yourself time and money by hiring a mold inspection company first. Mold Investigators write the most detailed written protocols and reports making sure they are easy for both you and the remediation company of your choice to understand. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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