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Mold Inspections by Certified Professionals | Mold Investigators

Mold Inspections

Experienced Mold Inspectors

To perform proper mold inspections, an inspector must have a thorough understanding of what mold is and what its habits are. Mold is a living organism that thrives under the conditions of moisture and warmth. It releases spores into the air which allows it to travel and spread to other areas of a property. Our inspectors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in seeking out conditions that may likely lead to mold growth and are trained to uncover the whereabouts of the organism without worsening the situation.

mold inspections - surface sample taken using a cotton swab

Collecting Mold Samples

Your inspector will arrive equipped with the necessary tools to collect test samples.

Samples Taken:

  • Surface Samples are taken by using cotton swabs on the surface of visible mold growth.
  • Air Quality Samples are taken by capturing samples of the air in multiple areas of your property.

Our Goal with Each Mold Inspection

Our priority and focus for all mold inspections are to utilize our knowledge and critical thinking to be as thorough as possible when conducting our inspection. We go into every property knowing that every inspection situation is unique and should be treated as such. Aside from searching and collecting samples, our inspectors are also trained to make notes on the physical structures of your property to enable us to provide a more thorough mold report and written protocol for remediation.

Suspect mold in your property?

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